Team Xcelligen Successfully Completes SBA’s T.H.R.I.V.E. Emerging Leaders Program


Xcelligen is proud to announce the successful completion of the SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. Emerging Leaders Reimagined Program. This accomplishment is not just an individual achievement but a significant milestone for the entire Xcelligen family.

The SBA T.H.R.I.V.E. program, known for its rigorous approach to fostering leadership and business acumen, stands for Train, Hope, Rise, Innovate, Venture, and Elevate. Being selected for this elite program reflects not only an honor but also a strategic investment in the future of Xcelligen and our commitment to serving our customers with unparalleled excellence.
Over the last six months, team Xcelligen has worked alongside a distinguished cohort of CEOs, engaging in a transformative journey that has greatly enriched Xcelligen’s collective expertise and strategic vision. The collaborative spirit of the program, spearheaded by mentors like Nick RajparaWilliam Eric Linzey, and Diedra Henry-Spires, has been instrumental in fostering a professional and engaging learning environment.
We extend our deepest gratitude to the U.S. Small Business Administration for providing such a valuable opportunity. Their dedication to nurturing growth and learning has been instrumental in this journey. The insights and experiences gained from the program are invaluable, offering a nuanced understanding of diverse leadership styles and business strategies that will undoubtedly propel Xcelligen to new heights.
Networking with CEOs and industry leaders has provided our team with a rich tapestry of knowledge and perspectives, enhancing our strategic toolkit. We are excited to integrate these learnings into our operations, driving innovation, and strengthening our leadership in the industry.
As we celebrate this achievement, we recognize that it reflects the collective spirit and dedication of the entire Xcelligen team. It’s a testament to our culture of continuous learning and excellence, and we are excited about the positive impact this will have on our services and our relationships with clients.
Looking forward, Xcelligen is more committed than ever to leveraging our enhanced capabilities and insights to drive success for our clients and contribute to the thriving business community. We believe that the growth and development of our team are integral to providing cutting-edge solutions and services.
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