Data Analytics & Engineering

Unleash Insights, Drive Efficiency, and Enhance Decision-Making with Data Wisdom

At Xcelligen, our Data Analytics solutions pave the way for informed decisions, transparency, and operational efficiency. Dive into a world of rich, interactive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), executive dashboards, and dynamic reporting tools designed to give our clients a competitive edge. Our skilled data scientists leverage Python, PySpark, R, PowerBI, and cloud computing ETL tools to craft and implement tailored analytic solutions, ensuring they align precisely with our customer’s unique business requirements. With a wealth of experience, we’ve established robust data governance, security protocols, and cutting-edge data science frameworks for diverse agencies within the federal and commercial landscapes. Additionally, Xcelligen excels in deploying end-to-end cloud-native data management and analytic environments, leveraging a microservices architecture.

Data Analytics and Engineering


At Xcelligen, strategy is the foundation. We architect and establish enterprise data analytic environments that cater to a broad spectrum of analytic capabilities—ranging from self-service analytics and visualizations to advanced analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).


Our solutions are seamless and secure, offering built-in data connectors that effortlessly link to various data types and forms, ensuring easy access and utilization. With the integration of cloud computing tools in Azure, AWS and GCP and Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW), our solutions provide a comprehensive and powerful ecosystem for advanced analytics and data-driven insights.


Empowering a client’s data journey, our connectors have the prowess to discover, decode, classify, and tag data assets from structured and unstructured sources—whether they reside on-premises, in the cloud, or even within the mainframe.

Database Administration

Xcelligen boasts a highly skilled team of Database Administrators, specializing in architecting, configuring, and adeptly managing intricate database environments. From migrations and upgrades to instance creation and user support, our approach to Database Maintenance is comprehensive and efficient.

Analysis & Support

We’re more than just analytics – we’re our client’s partners in success. Our Data Analytics capabilities lay the foundation for a robust analytic environment, with comprehensive data connectors ensuring seamless and secure connectivity across various data types and sources. Whether SQL, NoSQL databases, Hadoop, or cloud object stores, we connect, discover, decode, classify, and tag data assets, providing a holistic approach to analytics that bridges the gap between raw data and actionable insights. Integrated environments and advanced data architecture code allow us to provide recommendations and operational support for trained data science models, ensuring a data-driven approach that propels organizations towards success.

We help unlock the true potential of data and drive innovation through informed decision-making.

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