Digital Modernization

Elevate Operations, Optimize Experiences

Digital Modernization is our pathway to improved efficiency, reduced costs, heightened security, and empowered mission-critical endeavors. Leveraging GovCloud and Enterprise cloud’s advanced features, we offer effective modernization solutions for diverse businesses. At Xcelligen, we specialize in modernization and hosting services within Azure and AWS GovCloud in a PaaS environment. Our adept experts collaborate with clients to devise a robust strategy for modernizing their legacy IT systems and deploying the next-gen digital ecosystem.

agile software development solutions

Streamlined User-Centric Applications

Crafting user-friendly applications is our forte. At Xcelligen, we quickly scale application development programs with a design strategy deeply rooted in user needs. Our solutions strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetics, enhancing accessibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

Effective Prototyping for Rapid Development

Rapid and effective scaling of application development is our strength. We craft technical solutions with a design strategy focused on actual user needs. Balancing function and aesthetics, our technical solutions enhance accessibility, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.

Simplified and Customizable Workspaces

In the realm of digital workspaces, Xcelligen pioneers a modern, streamlined user experience. Our frameworks are built on robust application development foundations, offering extensive customization options. Our approach combines simplicity with control, reducing security risks and fortifying compliance measures.

Scalable and Secure Mobility Solutions

At Xcelligen, we deliver tailor-made mobility services, leveraging extensive domain knowledge and strategic partnerships. Our services encompass creating and deploying portable, scalable, and secure applications, enabling seamless and engaging connections to act on multiple data sources in real-time. With expertise in deploying, modernizing, and integrating such systems, we establish a reliable source of truth across organizations.

Infrastructure Automation

Efficiency through automation is our motto. We strive to eradicate redundancy and accelerate automated infrastructure provisioning with varying configurations. Utilizing application configuration playbooks customized for enterprise servers, we establish a foundation for efficient automation. Through our DevSecOps practices and CI/CD pipelines, we achieve seamless provisioning of Virtual Machine instances and other infrastructure resources by leveraging Code blueprints (ARM templates), GitLab, Bicep/Terraform and Azure Landing Zone Design while maintaining stringent security and compliance standards. This strategic automation enhances agility, reliability, and overall infrastructure efficiency, delivering tangible benefits to our clients in Infrastructure Development.


Incorporating security at every phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is our commitment. Xcelligen’s DevSecOps practices ensure secure software development, monitoring, and management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Following the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we empower agencies to embrace Lean-Agile software and system development at scale, fostering innovation and security hand in hand. Xcelligen’s approach allows for swift adaptation to evolving market demands, ensuring well-structured, high-quality software from inception to deployment. Moreover, our approach-

  • Proactively mitigates risks
  • Reduces remediation costs and fortifies client security posture
  • Optimizes operations
  • Boosts Return on Investment (ROI)

Agile Development / Delivery

At Xcelligen, we offer a seamless and end-to-end application development and delivery experience, led by a team of highly skilled developers. Our approach is rooted in standard agile methodologies, striking the right balance between engineering and project management practices.

Embracing Agile Framework, we ensure swift value delivery, enhanced team productivity, and top-notch product and solution quality.

At Xcelligen, we embrace Scrum, an Agile framework emphasizing collaboration and adaptability through short development cycles called sprints. We prioritize tasks through a Product Backlog, focusing on delivering high-value features early and gathering feedback for continuous improvement. This iterative approach ensures swift responses to changing requirements and a client-centric delivery process.

We help clients experience the future of digital modernization, crafted with expertise and delivered with agility.

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