Strategizing Success: Navigating the Essentials of Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a systematic approach for managing and optimizing the suite of applications used by an organization. It aims to align these applications with business goals, ensure they deliver value, and maintain their efficiency throughout their lifecycle. APM provides a holistic view of the application landscape, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions about application investments, maintenance, and retirement.

In this E-Book, you will learn:

  1. Essentials of Application Portfolio Management (APM): Readers will understand the definition, importance, and core components of APM, including application inventory, value assessment, and decision-making processes that align applications with business goals.

  2. Strategic Implementation and Benefits: The book provides insights into how strategic implementation of APM can lead to significant benefits such as cost reduction, enhanced decision-making, improved agility, risk mitigation, and increased efficiency within an organization.

  3. APM vs. Project Portfolio Management (PPM): It distinguishes between managing existing applications (APM) and managing projects aimed at developing new applications or enhancing existing ones (PPM), highlighting how both contribute to business goals but focus on different aspects of portfolio management.

  4. Tools and Techniques for Effective APM: Readers will learn about various APM software solutions and technologies, such as ServiceNow, Apptio, and LeanIX, and how to leverage data analytics, stakeholder collaboration, and continuous improvement practices to optimize application portfolios.

  5. Lifecycle and Framework Development: The book details the application lifecycle management phases, including planning, development, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. It also discusses best practices for developing an APM framework that ensures applications continue to deliver value and remain aligned with evolving business needs.

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